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Yukari Mashima Postcard

真島ゆかり・ポストカード コラージュ真島ゆかりシール

Flowers speak to me from behind the lens.
At the foot of Asama, clothed in transparent light…
A secret monologue.

Yukari Mashima

Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.
After graduating from Kobe Yamate Women’s Junior College, Department of Art (Japanese Painting major), she joined Mashima Mitsuhide Photography Office in Tokyo, where she learned the basics of photography while working in the field.
Her photo works have been published in railway and travel magazines. She has a series of photo essays published in Railway Journal magazine.
In 1995, she moved to Oiwake, Karuizawa Town, where she turned her camera to Mt. Asama, which she looks up to every day, and the four seasons of the highlands, which are interwoven with the plants, flowers, and animals around her.



・Photo book “SCRIPT” published
・Photo exhibition “Tapestry of Light” (Shinano Oiwake Bunkajiba Aburaya, Karuizawa Town)


・Magazine “Railway Journal” photo essay series (June 2018 issue – May 2019 issue)
・Column collection “offshoot” published (not for sale)


・Photobook “Flowers’ Monologues -Bathing in the light at the foot of the mountains-” is published.
・Photo exhibition “Flowers’ Monologue” (695COFFEE, Saku City)


・Postcard sales started in CUZTHOSE

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